Winning Irish Lotto Claimant Turns out to be a Fake

Individuals are often looking to make money easily by winning the lottery however, for some the temptation of easy money can lead them to resort to methods that are improper to try to make money. Many times people succumb to the temptation of buying fake tickets and try to pass them off as legitimate in order to win a lottery prize. This happens more often than people realize. A case that has recently come to attention was the case of a pub owner with a winning lottery claim. His ticket was a fake since a check of the winning ticket showed it be a hoax..An Irish Lottery ticket which is over €6m has been unclaimed since owner Brian kelly admitted he was joking about having the winning ticket.

The lucky ticket, bought from Mimmagh’s shop in Slane, this was a small town located approximately 50km from Dublin. Local source say that the pub owner received lots of congratulations as he was thought to be the winner of the prize.

Mr. Kelly, was presumed to be the winning lottery ticket holder and a man reportedly a friend congratulated him on his winnings via facebook. It turned out the winning ticket was a joke and the ticket was a hoax all all along.

Kelly told local news source that he went along with the prank in the beginning but had numerous phone calls and text messages from those who wished him well on the winning ticket. Well wishers abounded and even the national media picked up the story. Since Kelly admitted it was all a joke he faces no criminal prosecution from perpetuating the hoax.
Other people have not fared so well when it comes to efforts to defraud the lottery or pretending to win. In the United States two brother were charged with grand larceny after supposedly wining 5 million dollars in the lottery. They scammed the ticket from a customer and were brought up on charges in 2012. Lottery scams are nothing new, but when individuals attempt to cash in on lotttery tickets, they will face stiff penalties for doing so. interpol is also looking into fake lottery claims that impact individuals world wide. Some major lottery scam have reportedly taken individuals and governments for millions of dollars. These are the things that individuals should be aware of. Lottery claims need to be investigated worldwide, and winning tickets should not all be taken at face value.