The Irish Lotto 21st Sept 2013


In the year 1988, the Irish Hospital Sweepstake was replaced by the Irish Lottery. The jackpot has the minimum amount set at €2,000,000 and it often exceeds a whopping €5,000,000. In the recent past, the lottery has hit the €10,000,000 mark and sometimes even exceeded it. The Irish Lotto Draws are aired on national television (RTE) every Wednesday and Saturday.

Brief description of the Irish Lotto

In order for one to win in the Irish Lotto, they have to match the first 6 numbers that have been drawn. The seventh number is also considered in the Irish Lotto and it is called the bonus number. It is drawn separately from the rest. Most people often pick their own Irish Lotto numbers, however there is a ‘quick pick’ option that is made available to all players that commands the Lotto computers to pick out the Irish Lotto player’s numbers.

It is a proven fact that over half of the money the Irish National Lottery gets is awarded as prize money to the lucky winners! The remaining cash amount is utilized in the development and advancement of certain sectors of country’s economy like the national heritage, arts, health, culture, recreation and sports. The Irish Lotto is not limited only the good people of Ireland, but also everybody else! One can easily go online and purchase a Lotto ticket.

Methods of participation

One of the best parts about the Irish Lottery is that all its prizes have been made tax free and the cash payout is in a single lump sum payment. All the payouts are done within 48 hours of the actual Irish Lottery Draw. One can choose either to make the online tickets purchase alone or with a couple of friends, since the more the tickets the higher your chances of winning. Nevertheless, most players choose to buy the tickets themselves, why share when you can have it all? There are those who chose on of the two above mentioned ways of participating in the Irish Lotto, by joining an Irish Lotto lottery syndicate that ensures that there is proper division of winnings. And this is proper methods of participation.

The Irish Lotto 21st Sept 2013 lotto results

In the Irish Lotto 21st Sept 2013, there were three stages of winning numbers after the draw as usual. The jackpot that was set for the Irish Lotto 21st Sept 2013 draw was €2,565,871. And the following winning numbers were:

04 27 37 39 40 45 bonus number: 42

Plus 1: 09 10 16 17 23 24 bonus number: 38

Plus 2: 07 08 11 16 33 42 bonus number: 18