Irish Lottery Results for Saturday 19th of April

Many people around the world participate in lotteries. Many however are never so lucky but those who are lucky enough to get the lucky numbers get their lives changed for good. Owing to the great numbers of players of this newfound game, many companies have come up and provide it online. Huge sums of money are usually on stake. The Irish lottery is one such lottery that has large sums of money waiting to be won.

On Saturday, the Irish lottery jackpot was worth 2,976,990€. However, it will be worth much more on Wednesday as no player who participated was able to get all the six main numbers that were required for the win. A single participant however got to win prize money worth 25,000€ by matching five of the main numbers and by having the bonus ball. Individuals who matched five main numbers only however, won other 48 tickets. They won 1400 each. 34,000€ tickets got to win small prizes. 3.5€ million will however be up for play on the next game. 

To view the complete Irish lotto results 19th April 2014, have a look at the site. The winning numbers were however; 13-16-22-36-43 and bonus ball: 24.