Biggest ever Lottery Winners Revelaed

 Everyone hopes that they will one day hit a jackpot and take home an insane amount of money. However, as much as being an overnight millionaire is something that most people have toyed with and dreamt about for a long time, there are some that are already living this dream by winning mega bucks which literally turned their lives around. Here are some that you’re bound to be envious about. 

Merle and Patricia Butler and a third anonymous person. 

These three top the list of the biggest amount of money ever won in a lottery. The three won a combined $656 million which translates to $218.6 million each. While the third person opted to remain anonymous, the two came out with joy all over their faces and were a bit coy about their expenditure. However, they did say that of their combined win, they would spend $157 million on the advice of their financial advisors and lawyers but they did not say how the rest would be spent. Talk of being an overnight millionaire. 

Eddie Nabors, Elaine and Harold Messner. 

These three individuals will never forget the March, 6th 2007. It is the day they won a combined $390 million. It was more than what either would have dreamt off. However, as the latter did not expound on how they were going to spend their winnings, Nabor who was a truck driver aged 52 at the time did say that he would use his money to buy a house for his sister and pay off mortgages for his mother, sister and other family members. He also said that he was going to buy a one of a kind fishing boat for his son and when asked what he was going to do for himself, apparently he was going to go fishing and it must have been one hell of a fishing trip. 

Carolyn and Jim McCullar. 

One of the more recent big wins is that off Jim and his wife Carol. The two won a crisp$380 million. The sound minded and more calculated Jim stated that he would put the money in a bank and write checks to his kids and donate to charity. Contrary to what many would do like buy a personal jet to fly everywhere in the world, Jim opted to do the more noble thing which to him meant that the legacy would be carried from generation to generation.

Holly Lahti. 

This could probably be among the luckiest single mothers to date. She won a staggering $380 million on the mega millions. However, after winning this single mum simply quit her job and went underground. The more vocal individual was her husband who marveled at the fact that he would never pay child support again. Apparently, Holly had a good reason to hide as it was later learnt that she and her husband were never divorced legally. As such the husband, Josh had legal claim over the money. It may seem quite selfish after all what could she do with all that money? A little sharing never hurts in any case, it makes the entire experience even better. 

This people are proof that dreaming is not a bad thing and that sometimes buying those lottery tickets does pay off big time! With that said its worth waiting to see who is going to be the next to break the lottery winning barriers.