Betfred Irish Lotto – 700/1 for 3 Correct numbers

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Betfred Irish lotto game draws are conducted every Wednesday and Saturdays at 2000 hours. However betting time closes at 1945 hours. Only five numbers are selected per draw and the prizes are different. Once you participate in the draw and you stand a chance to win up to 150,000 pounds. Playing Irish Lotto at Betfred is fun and entertaining. Below find the steps involved.

How to play Irish Lotto  @ Betfred

1. Choose the number you wish to place your bet on or alternatively click on the lucky dip button to have the numbers automatically generated for you in a random manner. You can choose the manual option to choose a completely new set of numbers

2. Select the draw you would like to participate in. you can either choose Wednesday or Saturday. Some people choose both to increase their chances of winning. The draw date is indicated adjacent to the checkbox option

3. Select any of the 6 or 7 balls option in the drop down selection menu. The option of 7 balls is inclusive of a bonus ball, which significantly increases the chance for you to win. Although it offers lower payouts

4. Select the various types of bet to bets from the drop down selection menu. This could be the permutations to the lucky 15

5. Finally append the bets to the slip and select the stake and click on the place bets button. wait for the draw results and check if you are among the lucky winners.

After you complete this process, you stand a chance to win a cool 150,000 pounds.

Betfred Lotto Odds

The seven ball draw pays a lower figure of 50,001 pounds, while the 6 ball draw offers a higher figure of 150,000 pounds. The use o bonus ball increases your chances of winning but lowers the prize payout. It’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not.

The rules governing the game

Maximum payouts per day are restricted up to 150,000/= the odds can fluctuate without any prior warning. For the betting confirmation to be acceptable, it is a must that the that the confirmation number was actually displayed on your computer screen

The number bets shall not be combined with any other form of betting. If for some reason, the draw does not take place, the number remains valid for the next draw.


Before you play the game you need to sign up on and create an account with your personal details. After successfully creating the account you can load funds into your account via MasterCard, PayPal or any visa branded cards among other providers.

Why betfred?

Quite simply betfred are one of the most honest and reliable bookmakers in the UK (and the world). They have been operating for many years and have 1,000s of shops across the country. The welcome bonuses are generally very good and easy to release just make sure you read the terms and conditions before accepting any of them.  They also have the best range of lotto games to play, not just the irish lotto. Infact they have more games than any other high street bookies! Furthermore they are very easy to play with. I have used both the desktop and mobile version ofthe sites and generally prefer the apps for IOS. Signing up is quick and easy and you can deposit using your credit/debit card and even paypal.

Once signed up and logged in it’s very easy to purchase your tickets. You can even schedule them so you buy tickets for draws weeks or months in advance! Also since you are getting paid by betfred rather than than the organisers of the irish lotto you get much better odds!